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19 June 24
ABCs of Fertility
05 June 24
Abstract (ALPHA 2024): Embryologists display low levels of agreement in predicting fertilization and blastocyst development success from a set of mature oocyte images, highlighting the need for a standard oocyte assessment tool
01 May 24
The Struggle is Real: Setting Patient Expectations for Egg Freezing
28 March 24
Exploring Endometriosis, Egg Freezing and IVF
25 March 24
3 Use Case Videos: How to use the MAGENTA score in treatment planning for IVF-ICSI patients
15 March 24
Debunking Myths Around Ovarian Reserve
12 January 24
Abstract (Fertility 2024): Embryologists’ predictions do not improve an artificial intelligence (AI) tool’s prediction of blastocyst development from mature (metaphase II, MII) oocytes when augmented in ensemble models
19 December 23
Innovation in Reproductive Technology Proposal (COGI 2023): A Deep Learning Model (DLM) To Predict Blastocyst Development From Metaphase II (MII) Oocytes
19 December 23
Abstract (COGI 2023): An Interpretable Artificial Intelligence Model Predicts Blastocyst Development From Segmented Images of Mature (MII) Oocytes
25 August 23
Decoding “Good” AI: The Power of Ensemble Models in Medical Image Analysis
29 June 23
Abstract (ESHRE 2023): Artificial intelligence (AI)-supported MAGENTA oocyte assessments shown to prospectively correlate with utilizable blastocyst development in patients, and for the first time in oocyte donors
29 June 23
Abstract (ESHRE 2023): Clinical limitations of manual oocyte quality scoring by embryologists are overcome by an artificial intelligence (AI) oocyte image analysis tool
29 June 23
Abstract (ESHRE 2023): Artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis outperforms patient age as a surrogate marker for oocyte quality, demonstrating an increased accuracy in predicting blastocyst development
20 June 23
INFOGRAPHIC: What does a robust dataset look like for AI-powered oocyte image analysis?
08 June 23
Cracking the Code: How understanding your egg quality can help improve your fertility outcomes
18 May 23
How do I use MAGENTA™ reports to counsel my IVF-ICSI patients?
17 May 23
FAQs from IVF-ICSI Patients About MAGENTA™
12 April 23
Decoding “Good” AI: Building and Assessing High-Quality Machine Learning Models for Clinical Practice
28 March 23
Great Egg-spectations: Understanding your individual chances of having a child using frozen eggs
28 March 23
Abstract (PCRS 2023): The Impact Of A Non-invasive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Oocyte Scoring System On Subsequent Embryo Development In Group Culture
Doctor counseling a patient
17 March 23
How do I use VIOLET™ reports to counsel my cryopreservation patients?
07 March 23
How does your egg contribute to healthy embryo development?
01 February 23
FAQs from Egg Freezing Patients About VIOLET™
12 December 22
Video: The Application of AI in Oocyte Evaluation
26 October 22
Abstract (ASRM 2022): A Non-Invasive, 2-Dimensional (2D) Image Analysis Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool Scores Mature Oocytes and Correlates With the Quality of Subsequent Blastocyst Development
24 October 22
All about egg quality
24 October 22
Egg Freezing 101: Understanding the basics of egg freezing
24 October 22
Egg Freezing 101: Will I regret my decision to freeze my eggs?
02 July 22
Abstract (ESHRE 2022): Non-invasive AI image analysis unlocks the secrets of oocyte quality and reproductive potential by assigning ‘Magenta’ scores from 2D microscope images
02 September 21
Abstract (ASRM 2021): A Novel Non-invasive Oocyte Scoring System Using AI Applied to 2D Images
20 September 20
Opinion (JARG 2020): AI in the treatment of fertility: key considerations

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