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05 June 24

Abstract (ALPHA 2024): Embryologists display low levels of agreement in predicting fertilization and blastocyst development success from a set of mature oocyte images, highlighting the need for a standard oocyte assessment tool

Mercuri N, Corsac S, Fjeldstad J, Siddique N, Puerta Vega I, Nayot D.


To investigate the effects of a lacking standard oocyte assessment by evaluating the base level of agreement (LOA) between experienced embryologists in their predictions of fertilization and blastocyst development of metaphase II (MII) oocytes.


High inter-observer variability was observed among embryologists’ opinions on the same MII oocytes with low LOA in predicting fertilization or blastocyst development – even within the same clinic, where standardized lab practices can be expected.

Results emphasize the need for a standard oocyte assessment tool to better evaluate oocyte quality​.


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