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28 March 23

Abstract (PCRS 2023): The Impact Of A Non-invasive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Oocyte Scoring System On Subsequent Embryo Development In Group Culture

Nesvadbová A, Hynečková E, Halatová M, Hoduláková V, Wiemer K
We were thrilled to have Dr. Klaus Wiemer present our poster collaboration with IVF Clinic Olomouc of the FutureLife fertility clinic group at PCRS 2023!
The purpose of our study was to evaluate the impact of assigning a MAGENTA™ score to oocytes on blastocyst development in a group culture setting. At present, oocytes are randomly assigned to group culture dishes as there is no objective assessment of oocyte quality in practice today that enables embryologists to predict the developmental potential of oocytes prior to fertilization.
The study concluded that MAGENTA™, our AI-based oocyte assessment tool for IVF, can prospectively sort higher-quality oocytes from lower-quality oocytes. This ability to sort oocytes by quality prior to group culture may allow for increased developmental outcomes, such as greater cumulative blastocyst development or euploidy rates.
Oocyte sorting has been shown to be successful and practical in current lab workflows. Further studies are required to show clinical improvement in patient outcomes, but this is an exciting first step!

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