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Our promise to you

Go beyond general statistics and get valuable information about your own reproductive health
Trust in our clinically validated tools, used with thousands of patients across more than 20 countries
Cut through the jargon with an easy-to-understand report built for you that equips you and your doctor to make the best decisions
Learn about your egg quality without any extra procedures and with no risk to your eggs
Leverage the first and only way to measure egg quality—fertility treatment’s missing piece

Tap into machine-learning to measure egg quality more
accurately and consistently
than any human eye can

for egg freezing
After an egg retrieval, the only information you typically learn is how many eggs are frozen. But what about their quality? Our tool scores your eggs to predict the probability of successful pregnancy and help guide your future family-planning decisions.
for IVF
For most IVF patients, it takes more than one cycle to reach a successful pregnancy—but there are typically few personalized learnings you can lean on for the next round. Our tool assesses the quality of your eggs to help you make a more informed plan moving forward.

With no extra effort for you—after your egg retrieval

01. Assess
Once the eggs have been collected, the embryologist uses a microscope to look for high-level irregularities. To detect what the human eye can’t see, our tool safely takes a photo of each egg and uploads it to a secure platform, where a report is instantly generated.
02. Review
You and your doctor can go over the report’s detailed information on each egg’s quality and its likelihood of fertilizing and becoming a blastocyst (also known as a day-five embryo).
03. Plan
Empowered with information about your own egg health, you and your doctor can make educated decisions about next steps to improve your odds of a successful pregnancy.

From images of eggs to a shareable,
informative report that’s easy to interpret

PG 1
PG 2
Get clear and concise findings from your personalized assessment.

• Number of mature eggs frozen and/or evaluated

• Quality prediction (the likelihood that each of your eggs will develop into a blastocyst (day-five embryo), based on our prediction assessment and other relevant statistics, such as the effects of freezing on egg quality)

• Live-birth prediction (the probability that you’ll achieve a live birth from your mature eggs, based on our prediction assessment and statistical modelling) alongside a general estimate of live birth for comparison (based only on age and number of eggs frozen)
See your eggs for the first time and keep a visual record of each one.
Review comments from your doctor and learn more about what’s in the report with helpful definitions, diagrams, and resources.
Keep your results on hand in an easy-access format for your own future reference or for seeking a second opinion, if needed.

Empowering you for a more
informed fertility journey

  • Cut the guesswork and equip yourself with knowledge about your own reproductive health
  • Make insight-backed decisions to help use your time and money more effectively
  • Feel confident and engaged in your care plan with greater visibility into the process
“We can now have really personalized conversations with our patients about the extent to which we might be able to rely on their eggs in the future, which makes it much easier to decide whether or not another cycle of egg freezing is worth doing.”
Rebecca Oakley, Senior Clinical Embryologist at CARE Fertility London
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