Egg freezing is a big investment — financially, emotionally, and physically.

Gain personalized egg quality insights with VIOLET AI-based reports that will help you better understand your likelihood of success with the eggs you’ve frozen.

With information about your egg quality, you will better understand your chances of success, empowering you to make the best decisions for you. 

Until now, there has been no way to objectively assess egg quality.

The current standard of care for egg quality relies on statistics. We are working to change that.

The problem with using statistics is that it assumes that all patients in the same age group have the same egg quality. This just isn’t realistic, as everyone has their own unique health factors. Our research has shown variability in egg quality even within the same cycle of one patient.

Each VIOLET™ report contains:

✓ A record of the number of eggs that you’ve frozen

✓ Each egg’s probability of becoming a blastocyst (day 5 or 6 embryo)

✓ A personalized prediction of your overall chance of live birth*

✓ Images of your eggs

VIOLET™ reports provide you with valuable take-home documentation of your frozen eggs + predictions to refer to when you use your eggs in the future.


VIOLET™ equips you with more personalized predictions of success than online egg calculators.

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VIOLET™ can calculate personalized predictions of success because it analyzes images of your eggs through our artificial intelligence-powered software.

Our software has analyzed over 100,000 egg images and their outcomes to learn patterns that help predict if your egg will become a healthy embryo (blastocyst).

AI is able to detect details within the images that are invisible to the human eye, which is why our technology can predict blastocyst outcomes more accurately than embryologists.1



Online egg calculators provide general estimates of pregnancy success (a.k.a. Live Birth) based on your age and the number of eggs you freeze.

This assumes that all people of the same age are expected to have the same health status and outcomes, and that all eggs from one person are of equal quality.

While statistics can be helpful, they need to be taken in context with individual scenarios. Our egg quality assessment tool can help add that context, bringing in personalized information based on your unique eggs.

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    * based on your personal egg quality assessment & statistical modelling

    REFERENCE: 1. Nayot D, Meriano J, Casper R, Krivoi A. 2020. An oocyte assessment tool using machine learning; Predicting blastocyst development based on a single image of an oocyte. 36th Annual Meeting of ESHRE – Copenhagen.