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In the rapidly evolving world of fertility treatments, understanding the quality of oocytes is key to successful outcomes.

VIOLET™, our AI-based oocyte assessment tool, offers an unprecedented level of insight into individual oocyte quality, empowering both clinicians and patients with detailed, personalized predictions.

The Power of VIOLET™

Why VIOLET™ Stands Out in Egg Freezing

VIOLET™ leverages cutting-edge AI technology and an industry-leading database of 120K+ oocyte images to provide clinically validated predictions of each oocyte’s potential for developing into a blastocyst.

This level of precision in oocyte quality assessment is a game-changer for fertility clinics.

✓ Patient Experience and Trust:

  • Detailed VIOLET™ reports demystify the egg freezing process for patients, providing them with a clearer understanding of their chance of success. Through this, patients are empowered to make the best decisions along the fertility journey.

✓ Clinic Growth and Reputation:

  • By integrating VIOLET™ into your services, your clinic stands at the forefront of fertility technology, attracting patients who seek the most reliable and advanced treatments.

✓ Informed, Personalized Decision-Making:

  • VIOLET™ enables clinicians to tailor patient-specific treatment plans. These insights guide data-driven recommendations for additional cycles and help to manage expectations for success post-thaw.

The VIOLET™ Difference:

From Data to Decisions: The Impact of VIOLET™

With VIOLET™, you’re not just gaining personalized data — you’re gaining a partner in fertility planning. 

The tool’s precision in predicting the viability of oocytes transforms how clinics approach treatment and counselling for egg freezing patients, leading to more informed decisions, better patient outcomes, and a stronger egg freezing program.

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