Taking the guesswork
out of fertility

Real insights to empower patients, embryologists,
and doctors

In reproductive medicine, knowledge is power—but there are factors that can’t be seen by the human eye or measured empirically. Our mission is to close that gap.

We develop AI-powered, non-invasive tools that provide fertility experts and their patients with personalized insights so they can make informed decisions about next steps.

Closing the gaps in fertility treatment

Oocyte quality plays a major role in successful pregnancy—but currently there is no validated egg scoring system.
IVF and social egg-freezing are expensive, physically demanding, and emotionally taxing. The stakes are high for both patients and their care teams yet it’s often a gamble.
While about 60 to 70% of IVF cycles are unsuccessful, doctors have very few tools to help identify the root cause, counsel patients, and form an insights-driven path forward.

Our AI analyzes 2D images of oocytes to generate
personalized, validated insights along the fertility journey

Measuring egg quality for an objective view of the probability of successful fertilization and blastocyst development to guide egg-freezing cycles.
Evaluating and scoring egg quality to inform decision-making, assess IVF cycle outcomes, and plan for future cycles.

We drive impact for clinics, their patients, and the industry at large

Supporting doctors in counselling and cycle-planning, embryologists in enhancing their assessments, and patients in making life-changing decisions.
Working hand-in-hand with our clinics to deliver real value and results through training, adoption, and ongoing operational support.
Partnering with clinics, opinion leaders and research organizations on scientific publications to share our clinical outcomes and continuously validate impact.
Strengthening the predictive power of our AI and elevating awareness of AI in the fertility world by working with trusted data partners to broaden and diversify our data sets, enable adoption, and facilitate industry advancement in AI.

A new standard of care

Get personalized results
It’s easy to feel like a statistic in the fertility process. The more you know about your reproductive health, the better you can navigate big life decisions.
Plan for what’s next
Fertility care can be a big investment. With greater insights earlier in your journey, you can get a fuller picture of what to expect and make more informed decisions about time and money.
Trust the process
There’s a lot that happens behind the curtain. Be confident about your care plan with greater visibility into the process and intuitive reports without the clinical jargon.
Enhance laboratory assessments
Add AI insights to your arsenal to grade oocyte quality more objectively with no additional risk to oocytes. Proven through scientific evidence, our tools detect what the human eye can’t.
Easily help patients get the insights they need
We know there’s a lot to juggle in the lab. Our tools are designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow so that you can help patients get the best possible care without added stress.
Increase confidence and accountability
Through consistent documentation and objective assessments, our tools add greater clinical context to conversations with physicians and serve as an insurance policy for your work.
Deliver best-in-class care
Embryos and sperm are regularly tested and graded—but not eggs. Deliver the best possible care by getting a fuller picture of your patients’ reproductive health and reduce the guesswork for important treatment decisions.
Improve patient-counselling
Meet your patients’ needs with intuitive and shareable reports that can reduce back-and-forth questions, set the right expectations, and help them make informed decisions.
Lead the industry with patient-centricity
Give your practice a competitive edge with industry-leading tools that can attract new patients, deepen relationships with existing patients and deliver truly patient-centric care.

“There’s nothing worse than
not being able to give patients
the information they’re asking
for—why shouldn’t there be a
way to assess their egg quality?”

Dr. Dan Nayot, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCSC
• Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology fellow
• Masters in clinical epidemiology from Harvard
• Future Fertility CMO and co-founder

Insights you can trust

Abstracts, publications, and studies with leading academics, clinicians,
and institutions globally.
Rigorous evaluation and approval by official health and safety
oversight bodies in Canada and Europe, with more to come.
Presence in eight countries and counting to improve access to fertility
technology around the world.
What industry leaders are saying
“Innovations like Violet are new technologies advancing the field of fertility treatment by pushing the envelope to try bold ideas. Some are incredible pivots while others are smaller nuances—and both are transformative in moving the industry to new heights.”
Dr. Angie Beltsos
CEO Clinical and Medical Director at Kindbody
“Violet offers a more personalized knowledge base than we have ever had before. Instead of playing the odds just based on age and egg number, we can independently consider every patient, every cycle, and every egg.”
Dr. Gary Nakhuda
Co-Founder and Co-Director at Olive Fertility Centre
"My Violet report was a valuable part of my decision-making process. I'm a data driven person, so adding the Violet report was an additional data point that helped me decide how many egg freezing cycles to pursue. It helped ease my mind that I did everything in my power to secure the best result for me.”
Yulanda, Violet user

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