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Many women are looking to postpone family planning for the time being, giving them more options when they make goals for their future. Egg freezing gives people the opportunity to make decisions to do with fertility on their own timeline and on their own terms.
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Once a patient has decided to take this step, they are referred to a specialist to discuss personalized fertility treatment options. Their ovaries undergo stimulation with medications, then their eggs are eventually retrieved and safely frozen for potential future use. Unfortunately, women don’t get any feedback on the quality of the eggs that have been frozen. Even experienced embryologists are unable to determine the quality of the individual egg; an egg scoring system simply doesn’t exist. This is where Violet™ can help. It is the first egg assessment tool that can predict an oocyte (egg’s) likelihood of becoming a blastocyst embryo. Violet™ is an AI image analysis tool that adds more transparency to a patient’s fertility journey.
Here are some steps a patient will go through when seeking fertility treatment:
Initial Consult & Ovarian Reserve Testing
At their first appointment, the patient will meet with a fertility doctor who will explain the egg freezing process in more detail. Then, there are a few tests including bloodwork and an internal (trans-vaginal) ultrasound that is performed to assess the patient’s ovarian reserve (egg quantity). After reviewing the results, the doctor will have a solid estimate of how well a patient’s ovaries will respond to fertility medications, as in the number of eggs that the patient might produce in a single cycle. Unfortunately, there are no tests that provide insight into the egg’s quality before extraction. It might be surprising, but other than a woman’s age (and general health), there is no strong predictor of egg quality. No blood test or ultrasound can provide that kind of information.
Ovarian Stimulation
Since the body is used to producing one egg a month (natural cycle), ovarian stimulation is an important step that helps women produce multiple eggs (stimulated cycle). Women are given hormone medications that they inject themselves. The hormones (gonadotropins) consist of some form of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). These shots are administered for approximately 10-14 days. The final step is a “trigger shot” that helps the eggs mature so they are ready for retrieval.
Egg Retrieval
This step usually takes place within 36 hours of the trigger shot. The patient will visit the fertility clinic and the procedure will be done while they are under some form of anesthesia. A cohort of eggs will be retrieved from the ovaries by a transvagi- nal ultrasound with a guided needle. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes. The patient can go home afterwards to rest and recover.
Violet™ Egg Assessment
The embryologist will take photos of the eggs. There is no additional risk of exposure for the eggs. It is an A.I. assisted image analysis, and therefore non-invasive and instantaneous. As soon as the images are uploaded, our software generates a report that shows the likelihood of each egg successfully fertilizing and becoming a blastocyst. The doctor will go through the patient’s egg assessment report during their follow up consultation. Patients can use this added insight to make an informed decision about whether they want to do another cycle and if so, how to tailor the next egg freezing atempt to optimize outcomes.
Eggs are immediately frozen. This process is called oocyte cryopreservation or vitrification (flash freezing). The eggs are stored safely until they are later thawed and fertilized with sperm to generate embryos.
Eggs are frozen in liquid nitrogen. They will remain in the IVF lab under close surveillance (or transferred to a permanent stor- age facility) until the patient is ready for the next step.
Your egg freezing journey just got smarter, clearer, and easier.
Future Fertility is proud to offer Violet™, the first AI-powered egg assessment tool that will help patients gain insight into the quality of the eggs they are freezing. Our clinically proven software solution can detect patterns in oocytes that the human eye cannot see, with over 20% more accuracy than embryologists.
With our tool, doctors are now able to provide a report with photos of your eggs, allowing for a more in-depth discussion to do with what you are freezing. The report will give patients the opportunity to make more informed decisions to do with their fertility journey.
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We have developed the first Artificial Intelligence image analysis tool to non-invasively evaluate oocytes (egg).
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