Partner Perspectives: Dr. Sergio Catter on VIOLET usage at Inmater, Peru


How has VIOLET changed the way you approach treatment planning? Do you feel that this is an improvement?

Having VIOLET in the clinic has definitely given us the opportunity to have better conversations with patients, providing them with a more precise prognosis in terms of quality.

That is to say, if the report indicates low egg reserves and low quality, we can consider adjusting the treatment, possibly moving to a second cycle to try and increase the number of eggs.

Would your treatment recommendation for this patient profile have been different without the VIOLET insights?

Definitely, taking into account that in the past what we did was give them a report of how many eggs they had frozen without knowing their quality and prognosis.

Many times, we would proceed with a single treatment cycle, but with the use of VIOLET, we can now offer a more precise prognosis and give better treatment recommendations to our patients.

How do you leverage VIOLET reports in your counselling conversations?

It allows us to provide greater peace of mind to the patient, since having a percentage that evaluates the quality of the eggs comparatively by artificial intelligence, gives the patient that peace of mind to be able to plan for the future, a future baby.

Can you comment on how the use of VIOLET has impacted your patient experience or supported new patient acquisition?

Definitely. Since Inmater is the first clinic to have this program in Peru, this artificial intelligence program, it has allowed us to give that added value to provide better quality care to patients, giving them this prognosis with numbers and percentages on the quality of their eggs for cryopreservation.