How to use the MAGENTA score with IVF-ICSI patients who have unexplained infertility


One of the most frustrating, but very common, situations we get as fertility doctors is not having an explanation for infertility.

We call this Unexplained Infertility. IVF is a very common treatment for these cases.

IVF offers both therapeutic (trying to succeed) but also diagnostic value to provide feedback to patients.

We have two scenarios when we go through IVF:

We may get multiple viable embryos that still don’t implant, or miscarry. In those situations we believe there might be an endometrial factor to why we’ve not succeeded.

But on the other hand, we may not be generating high-quality viable embryos, and that represents why we have yet to succeed.

Of course, the embryo is a combination of the sperm and egg, and providing feedback to our lack of success is very important for the patient.

In terms of the sperm, we use traditional semen analysis by looking at the volume and concentration and motility to give us an idea of the type of sperm that we’re choosing to inseminate with.

However, on the egg side, there is no validated oocyte scoring system, and this is exactly where MAGENTA comes in. MAGENTA is a non-invasive image analysis tool to give you an objective, quantifiable score on the egg so you can provide feedback to your patients on how much the egg is contributing to our lack of success.