27 enero 23

Video: The Application of AI in Oocyte Evaluation ES

Dr. Dan Nayot
In this recording from the 2022 HealthPlus Fertility Middle East Conference, our Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dan Nayot, discusses the clinical application of artificial intelligence (AI) in assessing oocyte quality.  This video provides a high-level overview for embryologists and REIs on the following topics:
  • • The importance of evaluating oocyte quality as part of cryopreservation and IVF
  • • The fundamentals of AI-based image analysis in the case of oocytes
  • • Comparison of manual oocyte evaluation methods vs. AI
  • • The benefits of AI oocyte assessment for the patient experience:
    • • Managing expectations for success, failed cycle counselling and future IVF cycle planning
    • • Delivering personalized live birth predictions for egg freezers beyond general age-based predictions
  • • Questions to consider when critically evaluating papers regarding AI in medicine

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