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In the rapidly evolving world of fertility treatments, patient counselling tools play a critical role in a successful outcome.

MAGENTA™ provides an objective view of personalized oocyte quality, enabling you to better counsel patients during the IVF process. This technology, which has been clinically validated in labs worldwide, provides unprecedented insights into oocyte quality.

The Power of MAGENTA™

9 in every 10 patients want to discuss their likelihood of cycle failure as part of routine care

MAGENTA™ is the world’s first AI-powered oocyte assessment tool, based off an industry-leading dataset of over 120k+ oocyte images. 

This level of precision is a game-changer for fertility clinics, providing insights on quality that previously did not exist in the standard of care. 

Better understand the root cause of failed cycles:

  • MAGENTA™ reports provide a detailed, oocyte-by-oocyte view into blastulation potential, which allows for more objective view of quality and diagnosis of root cause of failure.

✓ Manage patient expectations:

  • MAGENTA™ provides an objective, data-driven view of oocyte quality, enabling better patient counselling and personalized care recommendations throughout current and future cycle planning.

✓ Superior patient experience:

  • Patients desire more information about how their personal health factors influence outcomes and crave open discussions.
  • Tools like MAGENTA™ deliver a differentiated and superior patient experience.

The MAGENTA™ Difference:

From Data to Decisions: The Impact of MAGENTA™

With MAGENTA™, you’re not just getting an AI tool — you’re gaining a partner in patient experience. 

See why our partners choose MAGENTA™ to deliver evidence-informed, clinically validated patient counselling tools.

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